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murcofERIK TRUFFAZ, MURCOF - Mexico, CD EP - Blue Note / EMI 2008.

Ambient with a minimal and jazzy influence. Turn on, tune in, drop out... A collaboration between trumpet player Erik Truffaz and electronic producer Murcof, as part of the triple album Rendez-vous, inspired by multiple trips around the globe. The trio of albums that make up Rendez-vous conjure up colourful images of Paris, Benares and Mexico City. And all three were composed and recorded with musicians Truffaz met on his travels.

extreme GM seriesEXTREME MUSIC - George Martin's 60S

From the genius of Sir George Martin, famously crowned "The fifth Beatle" and seven-time Grammy award winner an album for the Beatles nostalgic

extreme GM seriesEXTREME MUSIC - Girlfriend Pop

First love, lost love, make-ups, break-ups, foolhardy fantasy, tuff guy, 'nuff guy, fatal femme, slick chick, wallflower, GIRL POWER!


Putting a 21st century spin on the hip late-'60s world of Burt Bacharach, Sly Stone, and Barbarella, Denmark's the Asteroids Galaxy Tour had barely let their demo out into the world before fame came calling thanks to Amy Winehouse and the iPod family. Multi-instrumentalist Lars Iversen and vocalist Mette Lindberg formed the Asteroids in 2007. (allmusic.com)

EXTREME MUSIC - Classical Beats 2

Megamixed classical hits

ORLA MUSIC - Flying over mountains

Documentaries? chilled out atmospheres? here's some music goodies!

EXTREME MUSIC - Organic Flavor

Laidback organic grooves

EXTREME MUSIC - The Devil Wears Nada. vol.1

Comedy, delicate dreamy atmospheres





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